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How to Host a Website in JAMAICA...

In order to launch your website online, you’ll need a domain name and a web hosting account. But what are these and how do you get them? In this quick guide I’ll explain both and walk you through the process of setting up your own.

What's a Domain Name?

Put simply, this is the name of your website or brand. It’s the human-readable web address you enter into your search bar in order to access a site. The domain of our company for example is bestwebdesignjamaica.com.

What's a Web Host?

A web host provides the storage space for your website files. This includes all the text, images, videos and all other content you display on your webpages. 

How to Purchase a Web Hosting Account

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a web host. You have to think about things like storage space, the ability to easily upgrade, the customer support etc.

While there are companies providing web hosting services locally, we have found much better support from other third party companies. One of the hosts we recommend to most of our clients is Siteground. Below are the steps to sign up with them.

  • Step 1: Go to the Host

    Click this link to access the website of the host we recommend.

  • Step 2: Click on Hosting > Web Hosting

    On the top of the website, hover your mouse over the word "hosting" and click on "Web Hosting"

  • Step 3: Select a Plan

    Scroll down to the "Web Hosting Plans" section and select the option which best fits your needs and budget. For most of our customers, the one they start with is the "StartUp" plan. Not to worry, if your needs change overtime, you can easily upgrade.

    Once you've decided on your plan, click "Get Plan"

  • Step 4: Domain Options

    This is the section where you enter the domain name of your choice. If you haven't registered a domain just yet, you can go ahead and enter the name of your choice (just ensure the "Register a New Domain" is the option clicked).

    If you've registered a domain elsewhere, click on the "I already have a domain" and enter it into the box.

    Once you've done that, click on "Proceed"

  • Step 5: Account Information & Details

    In this step, you'll need to create your Siteground account by entering the details requested. They'll also ask you for your payment details.

  • Step 6: Account Extras

    You may see 2 extras in this section. These are additional options you can choose. I typically recommend Domain Privacy and Site Scanner to my clients.

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